8 thoughts on “Twelve Soul Types

  1. flower says:

    Very wonderful video to get to know how Dr. Bach reach out all elements of people were given. Behavior, attitude, diet, birthday (soul type remedy), those are all related & important factors that we now are in second life for learning our best of ourselves, “Heal Thyself”. We now know how fortunate to open the door for his practice room which Dr. Bach has been studying and preparing for. So excited to discover more about the theory of nature (human as individuals), discovering more better stage of yourself are waiting.

  2. Diana says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video and the chance to understand Bach‘s own character development leading him to discover the Bach Flower essences. Thank you for your excellent research and presentation and for sharing it . I have used Bachflowers for many years and I really appreciate the chance to gain a deeper understanding. All the best wishes from Germany.

  3. César Costa Illanes says:

    Hola Sr. Barnard! mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por cada una de sus presentaciones, todas muy bien explicadas y de manera muy didáctica.
    Soy de Chile y estoy haciendo un diplomado en Terapia Floral Clínica.
    Me gustaría saber si tiene algún material que donde usted se refiera a los 5 principios de Bach.

  4. Karin Waldner says:

    Thank you, mr Julian Barnard, for your interesting presentation. I enjoyed it and it is very helpful for the understanding of the ideas of Mr. Bach and the development of those into the Bach flower remedies in connection with his own spiritual growth combined with his knowledge as a physician. . Greetings from the netherlands, sincerely Karin Waldner


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