12 thoughts on “The language of plants

  1. Jayshri says:

    I found the commentary very interesting and insightful and could imagine the depth at which Dr Bach was working when he discovered the remedies, to be able to associate emotions and thoughts of humans with the plants and flowers . We are indeed connected in this universe!

  2. Vesna Krdzalic says:

    Poucno. Sada cu sigurno drugacije posmatrati biljke- pokusacu da citam…rnIt’s instructive. I will certainly look at the different plants and try to read…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Very helpful indeed.Though it is obvious that you have a very deep understanding of the language of plants it was presented in such a way that I found it simple to understand. Thank you.

  4. Jacinta Maria Soares Pinheiro says:

    Belíssima essa fotografia das plantas,a forma como foram apresentas neste vídeo é esclarecedora e comovente, abre o coração. Grata Jacinta This beautiful photograph of plants , how they were presented elsewhere in this video is enlightening and moving, opens the heart . Thankfully Jacinta

  5. Nathalie says:

    Love how it is all explained…if we take the time to pause, observe and think….Wonder if our preference for or liking of certain flowers can determine our personality and emotional wellbeing ? If someone really likes bougainvilliers….what does it tell about that person ? and which FE can be used to help with some negative energy ?

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