3 thoughts on “Politics of Medicine

  1. Abdullah Alotaibi says:

    There is a lot to learn in these videos , I need to watch them again and again. Really it reaches the sense of my mind.\nPlease don?t stop feeding our Knowledge . \nWith great thank .\n

  2. Maria Clara says:

    Não interessa, para a indústria farmacêutica,descobertas que envolvam menos lucro, por isso as pesquisas sofrem tantos retardos. Quanto à conscientizar-se do problema para resolvê-lo, acredito ser o caminho mais eficaz, e isso conseguimos quando entendemos nossas emoções e trajetória de vida, isso envolve nos enxergar como um todo e não como apenas a parte que aparenta estar em desequilíbrio. It does not matter, for the pharmaceutical industry, discoveries that involve less profit, so the researches suffer so many delays. As to being aware of the problem to solve it, I believe it to be the most effective way, and this we achieve when we understand our emotions and life trajectory, this involves seeing us as a whole and not just the part that appears to be in imbalance.

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