14 thoughts on “Medical Discoveries

  1. Wilfrid Laure says:

    Thank you so much ……More than 12 years reading books on Bach and the remedies and it’s really nice to have Fresh material. By the way ,I just love your drawing of a human being,because it’s what I always thought of human beings …. We’re just a Tube THANK YOU

  2. Stephen says:

    These videos are absolutely great, but tie me to a computer. Any chance of bundling all these site videos into a downloadable audio-only package? I would like to listen to them all on my mp3 player.

  3. Norah says:

    Excelentes apreciaciones sobre el trabajo del Dr. Bach.\r\nAlcanza una profundidad inmensa respecto a sus motivaciones y descubrimientos. Por primera vez comienzo a construir el eslabón perdido entre sus nosodes y sus remedios florales.\r\nPienso que este es el camino correcto para ampliar información sobre Bach su obra y sus escritos.\r\nEn vez de suponer que lo que Bach dejó “es poco”.\r\nTomar lo que nos dejó y podemos conocer, y analizar con aguda inteligencia. Ese es el camino. \r\nMuchas gracias profesor Barnard!

  4. Comment originally in Spanish says:

    Excellent insights into the work of Dr. Bach.rnIt reaches an immense depth regarding its motivations and discoveries. For the first time I begin to build the missing link between his nosodes and his floral remedies.rnI think this is the right way to expand on Bach his work and his writings.rnInstead of assuming that what Bach left behind is “little.”rnTake what you left us and we can know, and analyze with acute intelligence. That is the way.rn

  5. biogeraldo says:

    Segundo a minha compreensão a partir de seus estudos Bach, evidencia a associação entre a medicina e a filosofia enfatizando a importância do cliente se imbuir no tratamento para facilitar a cura.

  6. Cinzia12fiori says:

    Thanks Julian for your generosity to share your knowledge. You have succeeded in explaining nosode research very clearly and simply, so that it is clear to everyone.The progress of the mental process becomes so linear and coherent that he then brought Bach in search of his flowers. I’m writing with Google translator I hope you understand. Thanks again Cinzia12fiori

  7. Angela Maria Vescovi de Brito says:

    Maravilhosa explicação e profundidade ao reconhecer na figura de Bach um elemento do floral em si! Perfeito!


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