Ein Vortrag von Julian Barnard

5 Idee über “Dr Bach and the Hidden Geometry of Flowers

  1. Luisa Villarroel sagt:

    Maravilloso, doy las gracias ,ya que con estos espacios me permiten crecer en mis conocimientos.rnrnWonderful, thank you, because these spaces allow me to grow in my knowledge.

  2. Rose Todd sagt:

    I love Bach Flower Remedies and I’m fascinated with Sacred Geometry. To see that the flowers carry the sacred form is amazing.

  3. Solange Carneiro sagt:

    Fantastico!!! adorei encontrar outras informações sobre o sistema aqui neste site. Parabéns a equipe, maravilhoso trabalho, cheio de amor, compaixão e dedicação. Obrigada

  4. Ming sagt:

    Thanks for the unselfishness and enthusiam shown in spreading Bach flower remedies, otherwise we would have never get chance to know such a beautiful treatment.

  5. Jill Devery sagt:

    The wonder of flowers is fascinating. To think that a flower could impart such benefits to the human mind and ultimately overall health is awe inspiring

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