9 thoughts on “Seven Helpers

  1. Samuel Kessler says:

    I have no words to thank you for the excellent discussions explaining the remedies. I was introduced to the Bach Remedies over 40 years ago, but these online lessons have opened up my eyes to a deeper understanding of this wonderful system of healing.\nSamuel

  2. Nelly Mirta Maibach Marianucci says:

    Desde Argentina, GRACIAS por tanta generosidad en compartir los videos.rnFrom Argentina, THANK YOU for such generosity in sharing videos.

  3. Gianna says:

    What a magnificent tree ! I would like to know it’s location, if it’s not a secret and go and pay my respects.rnEd: Northern Sardinia.

  4. Cleide dos Santos says:

    É interessante o quanto de poesia e beleza existe na natureza! Parabéns pelo video!\r\nIt is interesting how the poetry and beauty exists in nature! Congratulations for the video!

  5. Angela Maria Vescovi de Brito says:

    Muito interessante e claro, fico sempre hipnotizada com os vídeos do professor Julian…à vezes esqueço até de anotar sua fala sempre muito pertinente e sábia.

    Very interesting and of course, I am always mesmerized by Professor Julian’s videos…sometimes I even forget to write down his always very pertinent and wise speech.

  6. Rajesh Ramesh says:

    Hi there!
    I’m indeed so glad that I came across this website. I’m a huge fan of Bach and his discoveries Thank you for an the work that you are doing. Heart wishes and the best to all. Love.

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