7 thoughts on “Making essences – the sun method

  1. Sonja Wei says:

    Dearest Julian,Big thanks for this explanation on “polarity”, which I could not understand for so many years while reading and translating Bach’s writings.This is so useful, and how compassionate and generous of you to share all your knowledge of Bach Flowers to all of us. Sonja

  2. Sonja Wei says:

    …continuing: I have struggled with this since I start my learning of the remedies, and eventually I realized that Dr. Bach would want us all to do the same thing, to generously share what we learn from our soul. Thanks again for all you’ve done. With great love,Sonja

  3. paulina says:

    los que estamos empezando en esta hermosa labor ávidos de conocimientos, agradecemos de corazón la entrega y el amor con que realiza cada video, execelente.\r\n\r\nWe are starting in this beautiful work hungry for knowledge, we heartily thank the dedication and love that makes every video, execellent.

  4. Gianna Grandi Lambelet says:

    I really appreciate when you give examples from everyday life because then ideas become much easier to understand. I have one question: wouldn’t it be better to shout one information at a time rather than putting up to six remedies in a bottle ? Doesn’t it add confusion ? rn

  5. Soraya Bragança says:

    Altamente didático, esclarecedor, ilustrativo. Parabéns prof. Julian Barnard. Highly educational, enlightening, illuminating. Congratulations.

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