Keith Critchlow habla sobre la importancia de la esfera en diferentes culturas y religiones

5 comentarios de “The sphere of sacred geometry

  1. Rose Todd dice:

    Absolutely brilliant. I loved the simplicity of the explanations. I was disappointed when the video finished as I wanted more. Rose

  2. Martyna dice:

    It truly is an amazing video. Inspiring with its simplicity and helping to make some connections … bringing all into one. 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Beverley dice:

    I was also disappointed when the video finished. What an inspiring and wonderful man.rnThe simple explanations opens the mind enabling me to grasp the bigger picture.rnThank You

  4. Natalia dice:

    Re-membering ) wowrnVery interesting video. It reminds the geometry of painted Eastern eggs (or ??????? in Russian)rn

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