Healing Herbs Bach Flower Learning Programme

Welcome to the Healing Herbs Bach Flower Learning Programme

A free, online study programme.

This eight-part programme will guide you through the 38 flower essences. It is intended for those who know nothing about Bach flowers, it is also useful to enhance and refresh the approach of those already familiar with the basics.

Healing Herbs has always believed, like Dr Bach himself, that self-knowledge is key to a better outcome. This means understanding how, why and when you react to life changing events.

This online guide is not intended to replace group or instructed learning, however, we thought it beneficial to provide a self-guided learning programme available to all.

Not everyone has the time or money to attend residential or distance learning courses, nor know how involved they want to be with the Bach flower essences.

If Bach flowers are a bewildering mystery then begin at Part One. However, there is nothing stopping you from dipping in and out of the programme wherever you choose or best suits your level of understanding.

This easy-to-follow programme follows the Healing Herbs policy of self-directed learning free at the point of use.

You will be prompted throughout the programme to study the plants and visit their habitat to better understand what the different essences mean for you and how they might be relevant to your needs.

There will be questions designed to test your understanding, short videos explaining how the essences work, and audio recordings offering thought-provoking insight as to relevance and significance.

Throughout the programme we will direct you to Healing Herbs where you can find lots of helpful information, and also Bach Educational Resource where you will discover a wealth of useful material.

Although this is not a certificated course, it is a programme that allows you the freedom to enquire and reflect in a manner that best suits you.

The reading list below is referred to frequently, with specific page references, throughout the course. These references are underlined only to show you where the book can be bought if you do not already have a copy. The links do not take you to an on-line version of the reference.

The course has been designed to include these references as an intrinsic part of your study. 

If you do not already have a copy of these books, the links below suggest where they can be bought.

Getting Started

Before can you start your personal study programme, you will need to sign in or register your details.

Now you're ready to explore! You can read a synopsis on each from the section below.

Your progress will be automatically saved so you can complete the programme at your own pace and over multiple sessions.

Enjoy the journey!

Part 1

1928: Finding and Making the First Essences

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It is fascinating to read about Dr Bach's early years and follow the path that led him to the discovery of his famous Bach Flowers. Start your journey with the ...

Part 2

1930: Finding Six Flowers

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Dr Bach moved to Cromer on the Norfolk coast in August 1930. Exploring the countryside around the town he found six new flowers.

Part 3

1931: Finding Two More Flowers

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Dr Bach travelled to Sussex in southern England in the summer of 1931. There he found the beautiful Water Violet growing in a dyke near the town of Lewes. Later ...

Part 4

1932: The Twelfth Flower

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In the summer of 1932, near Westerham in Kent, Dr Bach found the golden blooms of the common Rock Rose. With this flower, he had completed the set of essences ...

Part 5

1933-34: The Seven Helpers

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‘The Seven Helpers invite us to change our conditioned minds about everything we have been taught, and to think and act independently. They are a challenge to our habitual way ...

Part 6

1935: Nineteen Essences in Five Months

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Dr Bach settled in Sotwell near Wallingford, Oxfordshire in the summer of 1934. In March 1935, he started work on his third and final group of essences, which are known ...

Part 7

The Boiling Method

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The healing properties of the Second Nineteen are enhanced by their very different method of preparation. Dr Bach picked flowering twigs into a clean pan, added fresh spring water and ...

Part 8

1936: The Seven Emotional Groups

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Having completed the set of thirty-eight Flower Essences, Dr Bach arranged them under what he called the 'Seven Headings'. These listings appeared in his final rewrite of 'The Twelve Healers ...